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About Us

Dear customers,


“Masterful products from Japan for pure well-being”.

With this guiding principle, the philosophy of our house can best be explained.

Health and well-being are our focus. We mainly rely on the know-how of Japanese technologies and products. Our company name N-Ippin stands for “Nihon no Ippin” and translated means “masterly products from Japan”. The product portfolio starts with preventive measures up to the active support of health aspects and offers appropriate solutions to do something good for yourself.

Why products from Japan? Well, on numerous trade fair visits in Japan, we noticed that many product developments were not only developed on the basis of traditional, partly centuries-old know-how, but also often offer completely different prevention and treatment approaches than our established in Europe. It was striking that many development processes came from the origins of small to medium-sized companies or even individuals, who would hardly have found their own way into the local markets.

Here, as N-Ippin GmbH, we not only provide operational support in the search for suitable distribution channels, but also represent numerous Japanese companies, some of them exclusive, already here in Europe.

We offer some very special products to retailers as well as to you as individual customers via our “N-Ippin Care Shop”. A B2C shop is already under development.

Some explanations about our partners in Japan and their products and philosophies:

Daiya Industry Ltd., as one of the major manufacturers of orthopedic bandages and implements in Japan, manufactures Daiya Industry at Okayama, in the southeastern corner of Honshu, Japan. We are particularly well known e.g. already well beyond the borders of Germany for our innovative Hallux Valgus but also for the back supportive products. What is different or so special about it? The Hallux Valgus products first of all the fact that we can offer novel products that are wearable at any time of the day or night and, above all, can be worn in any shoe, under any stocking – so 24h gentle relief and correction of the big toe.

With the well-known Cinderella correction bandage, we have the only “tightenable” splayfoot correction in the market that “spreads” all toes by spreading large and small toes and thus not only counteracts hallux valgus and cutter bale but also supports regeneration of the arch of the foot , Cinderella bandages are therefore a true alternative to mostly uncomfortable splints or hinged splints.

Sakamoto Laboratories: The world’s only Bochikun Correction Orthosis comes from the ingenuity of Mr. Sakamoto, a foot specialist also based in Okayama. The development of Bochikun is typical of many lesser-known products and it is worth mentioning here for a moment. Mr. Sakamoto is a Japan-known “Bonesetter” and cares in his private clinic from Judoka on professional athletes or footballers countless patients with often very pronounced foot problems. For over 35 years, he has observed the connection between physical performance and the manifestation of foot or toe deformity. Mr. Sakamoto is an advocate of conservative therapies and not only wants to avoid surgery, but also believes that most hallux valgus surgeries performed at present could be preventable. For lack of available alternatives he developed, before about 4 years, the Bochikun correction orthosis. The meticulousness of his actions can be seen in the development time. He and his production partners needed 3 years not only to ensure the functionality of Bochikun, but also to develop a material combination used worldwide only for the Bochikun bandage, which guarantees the specifications for functionality, material resilience and thus longevity. The philosophy behind Bochikun is not, as is often misinterpreted, the exclusive correction of a hallux valgus via a “return” of the big toe to its natural position; rather, the primary goal of the Bochikun application is to reactivate the abductor musculus by exempting all toes. To reach digiti minimi (small toe spreader muscle) and the abductor hallucis (big toe spreader muscle) and to optimize the foot unrolling through the consistent muscle building and improved toe activity. Contrary to frequently prescribed in this country foot splints  or (in the course of illness in higher becoming) shoe insoles, Bochikun can be worn  in all shoes, every day and at night of course. Bochikun acts mainly on the constructed heel part activating on the toe splay muscles. The so-called foot splints can not. Bochikun thus treats not only the symptoms but the causes of foot and toe deformity.

Morita Corporation: For Morita, we exclusively sell our rakunie back protection systems in Europe. Morita is Japan’s best known manufacturer of rescue equipment of all kinds, from rescue blankets to fire engine trucks. Morita has been hired by the Paramedic and Nursing Services sector to develop a system that protects and relieves the back muscles of overstress while providing full freedom of movement without restriction. The cooperation with the TU in Tokyo led after several years of development of rakunie which we presented together with Morita at the geriatric care fair 2014 in Hanover to the public and which we already offer in the 2nd and revised generation in Germany and Europe and also we getting more and more supporters from the areas of manufacturing plants and care facilities.

Ashipita, Japanese foot slings: The development of Ashipita anklets was carried out in cooperation of the University of Nagoya with the local company Iwashourimono and are the consistent continuation of traditional shoes and on today’s comfort requirements and medical knowledge optimized “foot slings or footwear. Since the beginning of 2015, we have been distributing the product range online, but more and more we are also leasing pharmacies and medical supplies, podiatrists and yoga clubs, osteopaths and physical therapists, fitness studios and dance clubs. Judging by the fact that we introduced Ashipita as a product without name recognition here in Germany and Europe, this product is the “hit” in customer acceptance. The naming rights for Ashipita registered at the Patent Office in Munich lie exclusively with N-Ippin GmbH. The use of the name Ashipita is only allowed to N-Ippin retail customers.

N-Ippin Care presents Ashibita foot sling for health prevention

November 2016 – Sometimes it may be a little bit more – more care for our feet that will eventually last us a lifetime. The company N-Ippin Care GmbH relies on the proven tradition of Japan with its ankle strap “Ashipita”. Created over 400 years ago, foot slings were originally used during long walks. The goal was to relieve the feet and spare. Exactly this aspect leads the model Ashipita in our today’s time. Because more than ever, the promotion and prevention of health measures plays a large and important role. The modern foot slings, which are available in two types of models, stimulate the blood circulation and ensure an even weight distribution of the body on the soles of the feet. Ashipitas are comfortable to wear and ideal for use with:

Circulatory disorders / cold feet
diabetic foot syndrome
Swelling due to accumulation of water
Hallux valgus
calf cramps
to help with varicose veins
Morton Neuroma / Neuralgia

Ashipitas act by stimulating natural pressure points on the soles of the feet and between the toes, providing pure well-being throughout the body. Look forward to warm and well-circulated feet!

N-Ippin offers two kinds of ankle loops: Ashipita One Touch including stimulation sensor and Ashipita Fashion in modern color design. In cooperation with the Wilde Beauty Group, Ashibita Fashion is available as a set with a matching nail polish. Take care-feel beauty!

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