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Bochikun ® Hallux Valgus Orthosis

Bochikun®, the effective hallux valgus correction orthosis

Top view BochikunBochikun ® is a highly stretchable and extremely durable Hallux Valgus Correction Orthosis, designed specifically for relieving pain, correcting hallux valgus, bunions and other muscular and joint disorders caused by foot deformity. Bochikun ® is based on the latest material developments and therapeutic findings with the leading support of one of the leading orthopedic specialists in Japan, Mr. Sakamoto.


Bochikun ® is patented in many countries. In Europe, Bochikun® has been distributed as an importer and wholesaler through N-Ippin GmbH since May 2015, exclusively for the European market.

Who should wear “Bochikun ®”?Bochikun side view

  • Persons with hallux valgus of mild to strong form (up to about 45 °)
  • Persons with strong bunions(Hallux abducto valgus), also with inflammation in the big toe joint
  • People with hip pain caused by foot or toe deformities
  • People with knee pain caused by foot or toe deformities and fluid retention in the knees
  • People with ankle or hip pain caused by foot or toe deformities
  • People who find it difficult to walk
  • People who stumble often without obvious cause and bending over in the ankles
  • People with problems caused by corns, hammer toes, claw toes, calluses and pain when walking
  • People whose athletic performance is limited by the various foot problems
  • People with tensions on the neck, back and shoulders caused by foot or toe deformities


Does one or more of the described symptoms apply to you? Then try “Bochikun®” and you will feel the difference!

What are the benefits of Bochikun ®?

  • Bochikun ® causes no pain. Bochikun® can be adjusted to any malposition of the big toe with a patented 3-strap system.
  • Bochikun ® has significantly less wear than many other Hallux Valgus orthoses or splints / night splints. Base materials and closure mechanisms are very thin, which makes Bochikun® suitable to wear in most shoes
  • We have used a special designed high-grade material with the emphasis on comfort and fit.
  • The material specially developed for Bochikun ® optimally adapts to the foot. Bochikun® is only 0.45mm thin in the main component material.
  • The material components and production steps of Bochikun® are subject to the strict quality regulations in Japan and meet the CE guidelines in terms of continuity, documentation and safety.
  • Bochikun ® contains no hard plastic parts, such as joints or rods and no metal splints. Bochikun® thus proves itself in an outstanding wearing comfort
  • Bochikun ® is very breathable and can therefore be worn in the summer or in sleep, as an extremely effective alternative to night splints
  • Bochikun ® achieves a holistic optimization of movement in many cases and is therefore very popular with athletes