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The Cinderella Bandage relieves and corrects the mild to moderate toe deformities of the hallux valgus (big toe deformity) and the frequently occurring digitus Quintus varus (tailor’s bale, bunionette, malposition of the 5th toe).  Furthermore, Cinderella sleeves are suitable for pain caused by a (lower) heel spur which is almost an subsequent issue of an slay foot as well. The Cinderella – Hallux Valgus & Bunionette Correction Sleeve is the alternative to a Hallux Valgus splint and at the same time acts as a wearable shoe insole to strengthen the transverse arch of the foot and build up the arch of the foot.

Further features of the bandage:

Cinderella can complement the function of shoe insoles, e.g. when changing shoes or walking in socks or barefoot
Cinderella strengthens the ligaments and muscles around the toe joints
Cinderella opens the toe contact of the 1st and 5th toes
Cinderella supports the function of the transverse arch of the foot
Cinderella helps to increase the longitudinal arch
Cinderella regenerates the natural balance on the toes, as a result of which the center of balance of the upper body and the inclination of the pelvis changes
Cinderella reduces the risk of corns, hammertoes and claw toes
Cinderella, the alternative to Hallux Valgus splint, hinged splints and conventional shoe insoles
Cinderella, for treatment (redressment), prevention and aftercare of a Hallux Valgus or Bunionette surgery

What is a Bunionette?

In a tailor’s bale (also Buinionette, Tailor`s bunion and Digitus Quintus varus called) there is an obliquity of the little toe. As a rule, this is due to a too large angle of the 5th to the 4th metatarsal bone, the head of the metatarsal then protruding outward.

What can be the symptoms of a Bunionette and a Digitus Quintus Varus?

It can lead to painful pressure calluses on the sole of the foot
Pain in the lateral and upper part of the 5th metatarsal bone
Inflammation and thickening of the bone, in the course of a joint wear (arthrosis) is possible

What are the causes of a Bunionette?

Hereditary factors (please consult a physician before treatment with Cinderella)
Too tight footwear, even shoes with high heels
Too tight stockings
A weakening or inflammation of the joints as a result of a rheumatic disease
As a result of a lowered or worn transverse arch at splay or flat feet

A hallux valgus affects the big toe and is with regard to the obliquity and the curvature of the first metatarsal head quasi the reflection of a digitus Quintus varus. The causes of both toe misalignments are usually the same. Treatment should also be given if no restriction of mobility or pain symptoms are noticeable. Irrespective of the aesthetics, non-treatment, especially in the combination of the Hallux valgus / Digitus Quintus varus, can lead to significant impairments, as a result of which the adjacent joints, such as the knee, hip or ankle joints, are also affected by an inappropriate foot load. The body balance can change as a result of an unnatural rolling behavior of the foot is a significant risk of falling or as a late consequence of joint arthrosis.

Cinderella, when used in a timely manner, can correct the slight to moderate expression of both inclinations or, in addition to shoe insoles, e.g. when changing shoes or in socks / barefoot support.

An advanced severe malposition can be treated by Cinderella, but without an addinional foot training almost not sustainably with an posture correcting effect. Here, Cinderella can only be used to alleviate pain and keep the current Status Quo, but consultation with a specialist is recommended.

A lasting correction effect requires from each user a self-critical consideration of the causes. As a rule, unsuitable, restricting footwear and / or forefoot straining high-heeled shoes cause a splayfoot and a hallux valgus or the combination with Digitus Quintus varus as a result. Please make sure to leave your foot in the shoe, restrict the use of “unsuitable” footwear as much as possible or change the shoes frequently.