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Hallux Valgus & Bunion corrective orthosis Bochikun ®

Bochikun ® – the unique Hallux Valgus orthosis & supporter

Top view BochikunBochikun ® is an high durable and flexible Hallux Valgus supporter. Bochikun ® will be your most effective bunion pain relief and Hallux Valgus corrector as well as your treatment for many other joint related problems as they are: splay- and flat feet, corns, hammer toes, claw toes, heel spur (calcaneal spur) and many others.

Bochikun ® can treat your mild, moderate and high grade Hallux Valgus ( 1st – 4th grade = 15 – 45° )

In your daily lives, external pressure from shoes and socks may constantly compressing your toes. This, genetic and other reasons, such as body over weight as an example, causing up to 85% of all female and 45% of all male people to suffer from abnormal angulation of the great toe.

Mr. Sakamoto, an well named orthopaedic specialist from Okayama / Japan developed and patented a product that treats either, the big toe and its causes, allowing to restrengthen the weakened or harmed toe spreader muscles and return them to their intended position. He named his invention “Bochikun®”.

You can benefit from wearing a “Bochikun®” when…Bochikun side view

  • your big toe and little toes are deformed (Hallux Valgus, tailor bunion).
  • you wear shoes all day.
  • you suffer from bunion (Hallux Abducto Valgus).
  • you suffer from hammer toe, claw toe or other feet problems.
  • you have pain on the inside of the thigh joints.
  • you suffer on knee pain or fluid accumulation into your knees.
  • you often have pain around your ankles or hips.
  • you are easily tired out from walking.
  • you stumble or trip often.
  • you feel discomfort when walking.
  • you want to improve your sports performances.
  • you suffer on neck, back or shoulder stiffness.

“Bochikun®” – feel the difference. Bochikun looks bulky? Trust us – Bochikun is very thin and wearable in close to any kind of shoes and those narrow shoes, Bochikun doesn`t fit in, you shouldn`t wear anyway when you suffer on Hallux Valgus.

What are the benefits of Bochikun ®:

  • Bochikun® doesn`t hurt, since it is freely adjustable depending on the severity of the deformity and the size of the foot.
  • Unlike most existing products, Bochikun® does not have any bulky or solid attachments as a number of common splints, hinged splint or night splints have.
  • Bochikun uses a special designed, high-grade material with the emphasis on fit and comfort.
  • The patented material stretches for a perfect fit and has a basic material thickness of just 0.45 mm and even not 1mm including the high quality velco fasteners.
  • Woven in Japans no.1 special textile factory under the strictest quality control and with CE conformity certificate.
  • Bochikun® can be worn under any of your favorite shoes.
  • Bochikun® breathes so well, it can be worn during the summer season or while sleeping.
  • Because Bochikun® optimizes your bodily movements, it is recommended also for athletes, especially for endurance sports or sports where your body balance highly impact your performance.
  • It has also been used by doctors in orthopedic hospitals and clinics allover the globe and is now newly available in Europe exclusively on your N-Ippin Care Shop.

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