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How to wear Bochikun

Place part (A) under your heel. After checking both sides, make sure the Velcro is on the outside of the foot.
Put your heel through the hole, as shown in the illustration. The smaller strap should be on the Achilles’ tendon.





and fasten Velcro snugly around your ankle.






Then take attachment (B) and cap it over your big toe. Starting with the thickest strap, attach it to (A). At the beginning, pull the straps from the toe to the heel until there is a small opening between the big toe and the other toes.
After a month readjusts the straps according to the transformation.

WARNING:  When attaching (B) never pull the straps taut; gently pull them straight, but never taut.



Double check to make sure it is properly attached. Make sure it is not too tight or too loose. If it is not attached properly, try again from the start.
Unless it is put on properly the effectiveness will be reduced by half.

Taking off

When removing Bochikun, it is not necessary to detach part (B). Simply  undo the ankle strap and slide it off your big toe.


Attach part (A) first, then pull part (B) over the big toe.

Some important points:

  • Bochikun is most effective if also worn while sleeping
  • Bochikun should be worn all day under your socks
  • It is very important to use it every day.
  • We recommend that people with severely deformed toes wear Bochikun over two-toed or five-toed socks.


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