Ashipita Yoga Line

Ashipita Yoga Line

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Combine your Ashipita Sports Line Black with a yoga sock of your choice. Optimal balance, warm feet with best blood circulation and skid resistance and all this with barefoot control. Enjoy your Ashipita and your Yoga Flow Sock individually or in combination. Open toes and still warm feet!








Ashipita foot slings helping with the following symptoms:

Cold feet
Heel spur (lower heel spur)
Hallux valgus
Digitus Quintus varus, Bunionettes
Countersunk feet, splayed feet, flat feet-lowered longitudinal vault and "worn out" transverse arch
Swelling (water formation) on the feet and lower legs
Corns, hammer toes, claw toes
Secondary pain symptoms on knees and hips

The Ashipita Sports Line are available in a set with original Yoga Flow toe socks by the Japanese manufacturer Knitido.

Toe and heel open toe socks provide a holistic body control in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Shi, Qi Gong & Co. Yoga Flow toe socks are based on the natural fit of our feet and provide through their touch sensitivity for a better blooded foot, warmth and comfort The anti-slip coating for the safest stand. Yoga Flow toe socks are best combined with Ashipita.


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