Bunion Bootie Hallux Valgus Supporter NTH (No Toe Hole Version)

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Bunion Bootie Hallux Valgus Supporter NTH (No Toe Hole Version)

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A natural & comfortable way to treat bunion pain and Hallux Valgus. Bunion Bootie`s patented design is 100% made of a soft and bacteria resistant material. Baby your Bunions!








Instructions Non Surgical Bunion Corrective Sleeve - Bunion Bootie - Bunion Sleeve


Bunion Bootie is your complete Hallux Valgus and bunion treatment. It protects your feet and corrects your bunions and Hallux Valgus. Bunion Bootie is supportive, comfortable and not to mention very discrete because of its ultrathin material! Bunion Bootie is truly one-of-a-kind in the world of bunion treatments and the No.1 bunion sleeve in North America already. Unlike a number of rigid bunion splints, nightplints, hinged splints, toe spreaders, or bunion gel pads, Bunion Bootie can be worn as an insert in any of your favorite shoe and underneath socks easily and comfortably. The Bunion Bootie hallux Valgus supporter acts as a barrier, preventing blisters and continued rubbing from footwear which can lead to increased irritation or inlammation of sensitive areas.

This bunion sleeve utilizes a toe hood over your big toe and is fixed by a heel strap to easily achieve temporary but moderate straightening. Bunion Bootie it’s gentle enough to be worn all day long on your feet. The 0.4mm thin alignment aid can be worn during the day (without adding unwanted bulk in your shoe), and at night as well to help reduce the tension in the big toe joints and ligaments. Bunion Bootie provides pain relief to the bunion sufferer because it releases your weakened and extended toe spreader muscle. Bunion Bootie is perfect for active lifestyles as they are: walkers, runners, golfers (Bunion Bootie improves your balance) and has been worn by many professional baseball – soccer – and football players. It’s the favorite wear by people who are on their feet all day and is highly regarded by medical professionals.

Available in 5 sizes for either the left or right foot. Our size guide applies to both men and women, in UK and EU sizing. Many people who find themselves between two sizes or prefer a more snug, corrective fit usually need to size down for one size. Bunion Bootie is made with a non elastic material so it may be expected to relax after a few wears but not continue to stretch out. Suggested wear time is 2-6 hours till your feet get used to wear it longer, gradually working up to a full day. Since the material is fragile and can snag or tear if care is not taken, Bunion Bootie`s lifespan can be increased by wearing it under socks, especially traditional Japanese Tabi toe socks are recommended.




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