Bunion Fit Neo – 3D Hallux Valgus Supporter with an open toe hood

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Bunion Fit Neo – 3D Hallux Valgus Supporter with an open toe hood

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Hallux valgus correction bandage with new concept. Super thin bandage, which can be worn in shoes to return a Hallux Valgus. BunionFit is also suitable for people who are sensitive to pain and pressure. Thanks to the new train principle, BunionFit also has an opening in the toe cap. The seams in the toe cap are on the side, so that a sensitive toe tip is not irritated even in tight fit.








BunioFit Neo is a further development of the conventional Hallux Valgus correction bandage with a much more flexible and tear-resistant material. The tensile behavior is determined by the fit. The toe cap can be opened in case of hypersensitivity without affecting the pulling effect. The principle of BunionFit differs from other bandages with less flexible materials. During the development of this bandage, customer reviews of the past 3 years were evaluated and the following points were emphasized:

Use of a more tear-resistant material
Reduction of pressure on the toe tip
Greater wearing comfort due to a more flexible material
Less slippage due to inside rhombic imprint
Reduction of internal seams in the toe cap to a minimum

Other features:

<0.4 mm thick and thus wearable in every shoe
helps with hallux vagus and inflamed overbites
Relieves the pressure on the little toes
without pressure on the toe tip, if not desired
the only side seams on the inside can not cause pain on the toe tip
Stabilizing printing elements prevent slipping


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