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Sizing Guide Hallux Valgus & bunion corrective sleeve bonbone ®

Sizing for Hallux Valgus & bunion sleeves bonbone

How to select your right size:

Remember the ultrathin Hallux Valgus and bunion sleeves are shaped for either the left or the right foot.


This size guide is based on an average foot dimension.  In case your shoe size is at the top of the size range , you may select one size up.  If your shoe size is at the bottom of the size range or your feet may be narrower than average, you may select one size down.  The fit of your Hallux Valgus & bunion sleeves should be not too tight or too loose.  The toe relief hole should fit at the top of your big toe tip so that the toe does not push through the hole. In case you prefer a snug fit, we recommend our Hallux Valgus & bunion sleeve ” Bunion Bootie ” in the ” No Toe Hole ” version.

This Hallux Valgus & bunion sleeve may not be suitable for strong level Hallux Valgus and advanced bunions as your big toe joint may be stiffed already preventing the big toe from gently realigning.  We recommend the bonbone Hallux Valgus & bunion sleeve for mild level cases and our Bunion Bootie No Toe Hole Sleeve for moderate bunions.  Please seek advice from your podiatrist or foot orthopaedic in case you are not sure.

Your Hallux Valgus & bunion sleeves have been made with a low flexible fabric so the material will start to relax a little after wearing.  In time it may feel looser but this will not compromise their effectiveness.  The Bunion Sleeve is made of two layers so over time, and depending on the amount of care taken, the material may fray slightly in some places, but the functionality of the Bunion Sleeve will not be affected.

Make sure, do not walk around with the Hallux Valgus sleeves or your Bunion Booties without wearing shoes or socks.  please be gentle when putting them on! Be careful not to pull too tightly or stretch the material more than necessary.

If the fit is not right for you, please return the unworn bootie (we can accept a short term trial of 2 – 3 min., as it is common in retail shops)  for immediate exchange.

If you have any questions or need assistance determining your right size please contact us at shop@n-ippin.com  

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