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Important information about Bochikun Hallux Valgus Correction Orthosis


General instructions for use:

Bochikun® Hallux Valgus Orthosis

For the prevention, treatment and redression of foot deformities and toe deformities

Bochikun® Hallux Valgus Orthosis

Before using the Bochikun® Hallux Valgus Correction Orthosis, please read the instructions carefully. The perfect function of this product is only guaranteed only when it is correctly fitted.

Purpose / indications

For preventive and therapeutic use in mild to strong, still correctable Hallux Valgus
For therapeutic use in mild to severe, even with no longer conservative, redressing therapizable Hallux Valgus (Bunion). For temporary redressment and relief of the great toe and the metatarsophalangeal joints in the diagnosis of hallux valgus
For postoperative use – securing the treatment success after hallux valgus surgery
To release rubbing or overlapping toes in Hallux valgus, as well as prevention and therapy of tactio (touch) resulting treatable secondary diseases such as corns, claw toes or hammertoes
The Bochikun® Hallux Valgus Orthosis has a corrective effect on the big toe joint. When worn, the soft parts (capsule) of the great toe joint are stretched. The malposition of the joint can thus be corrected slowly, given conditions and sustainable
Postoperative use after a Hallux Valgus surgery can shorten the period of rehabilitation and ensure that the correction achieved is at least equivalent to joint-based products.
For use in patients with increased pressure sensitivity and for alternative use with material incompatibility with plastics
Lower risk assessment of osteoarthritis in the metatarsal basal joints during preventive use
To maintain full foot mobility, even in all commercial footwear wearable
To ensure successful treatment of malpositions of the big toe (Hallux valgus)
To safeguard and support conservative therapies for hallux valgus and foot arch problems. To restore the natural foot load on the balls of the big toe, heel and small toe bales. By means of the release and thus increased activity of the toes, a desired support of the muscular basic structures is to be expected.

Important instructions!

Depending on the degree of tilt of the big toe (Hallux Valgus), the distance is extended to attach the straps with the toe cap on the counterpart of the heel part. In the event that so much tension needs to be built up, so that initially more than 1-2 mm distance between the big toe and its next toe should arise to reach the hook and loop fastener of the heel part, you should, especially in the transition areas of two shoe sizes  choose larger shoe size.
Please make sure that when putting on Bochikun® for the first time, the straps do not end at the top or the bottom of the heel counterpart, so that you have enough space to increase or decrease the tension to counterbalance the hallux valgus to be able to.
If Bochikun slips, please put the heel part tighter first.
The fit of Bochikun® Hallux Valgus Corrective Orthosis is best stabilized when the orthosis is put on or corrected laterally.


Hypersensitivity and / or allergic reactions are not known when used properly.

If lateral movement of the hallux valgus angle is not possible or only possible under pain, Bochikun Hallux Valgus orthosis is recommended only after consultation with your doctor or the treating therapist.

In the case of subsequent clinical pictures, donning and wearing of the Hallux Valgus Correction Splint / Orthosis should only be carried out after consultation with your doctor:

Skin sensitivity and / or injuries in the body part to be treated, in particular in inflammation as well as raised scars with swelling, redness and overheating, gout attack, rheumatism, hypersensitivity, arthritis of the base joint, polyneuropathy.

(Circulatory and sensory disturbances in case of diabetes, for example), lymphatic drainage disorders, unassignable soft tissue swelling, also on other parts of the body away from the applied orthosis.

For numbness throughout the forefoot area, please lay down the orthosis and check the pull on the big toe before putting it on again.

If you feel numbness around your big toe or have pain in the area of ​​the nail bed, please make sure that your toenail is not ingrown, if necessary have it treated by a podiatrist.

Important instructions

The Bochikun® Hallux


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