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You suffer on foot pain ?

You suffer on foot pain, knee pain, back pain or stiffed neck, back and shoulders? This could all be caused by an deformation of your feet and big toes .

“Your health starts from the tip of your toes” that is what Mr. Sakamoto, the inventor of Bochikun, diligently tells his patients. Foot pain and other pains in the lower extremities are often associated with a weak functioning of certain muscles and tendoms.

Bochikun ® relieves the burden from the abductor hallucis muscle, which, in most cases, has become weak. Constant compression to the toes, caused by too tight socks and shoes or by genetic reasons may cause the big toes to tilt inwards. The little toes then too push inwards, in an attempt to stabilize the big toe. This misalignment may cause foot pain and probably burden on ankles, neck, waist, hip joints and knee joints.

When both, the abductor hallucis and the abductor digiti minimi muscles are extended, shoes and socks had put too much pressure on the tips of the toes probably since years. The strength of the muscles has become weak and especially the big toes do not return to their normal position, respectively hammer toes, claw toes, corns and other symptoms may occur.
The Bochikun corrector itself encloses a 3 string system which is supporting the abductor hallucis muscle and the abductor digiti minimi muscle. Both abductor muscles get stimulated when receiving steplessly variable pressure from either side, which in particular makes it easier to return a medial big toe that has twisted laterally.
Bochikun special featuresBecause of pulling the big toe “medially,” the other four toes will return to a straight position and are therefore protected to subsequent misalignments. This reduces the burden on joints in the lower extremities. Since Bochikun can be freely adjusted, your feet will return to a well-balanced walking gait that places little or no burden on your knees and your lower back. A well-balanced walking gait prevents foot pain, ankle pain and other pains in your  body and will improve your well-being sustainable.



Bochikun is not only designed to restore your big toe to its natural position, Bochikun treats the causes of deformed toes which are almost connected or the cause of splay feet, flatfeet, floated feet and others.

The word “Bochikun ®” is derived form the Japanese word for ” Hallux Valgus”  外反母趾, which is pronounced as “gai-han-bo-shi”. Mr. Sakomoto, the inventor, transferred “bo-shi” to  “Bochikun”

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